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Original recipe

Amaro del Tumusso

Amaro del Tumusso ingredients
Erbe nell'Amaro del Tumusso

GENTIAN (Gentiana Iutea L.)

Perennial herbaceous plant of slow growth, has a bitter, tantalising taste. It is a plant with multiple properties and is therefore considered one of the most valuable.

Erbe nell'Amaro del Tumusso

HORSERADISH (Armoracia rusticana L.)

It is a plant that was domesticated after the barbarian invasions in Southern Italy and still cultivated in the territories of Ancient Lucania. Pungent and almost spicy, the Horseradish root has an acrid flavour, comparable to that of mustard but with an unexpected refreshing quality.

Amaro del Tumusso ingredients
Erbe nell'Amaro del Tumusso

LAUREL (Laurus Nobilis L.)

Laurel is the crown of the wise, it is a homage to culture. And, like the artists whose heads were crowned, laurel has strength, character and a fine and distinct aroma.

Erbe nell'Amaro del Tumusso

HELICHRYSUM (Helichrysum italicum (Roth) G. Don)

With its surprising flavour and intoxicating scent, Helichrysum is reminiscent of licorice, although more elegant and discreet. It is a plant strongly linked to calcareous soils, but particularly adaptable up to 1,100-1,200m of altitude.

anfora fiorentina
A new technique

Liquor aged in Amphora

Tumusso is a liquor produced with artisanal methods by hydroalcoholic maceration and then aged for a period of not less than 60 days in Florentine terracotta amphorae. A method that uses one of the oldest materials known to man and that enriches it in elegance and softness.  

An innovative technique for distillates that we wanted to experiment, obtaining excellent results: the micro oxygenation, double compared to the one that happens with the use of wood, non-existent in the case of glass or steel, enriches the bitterness of elegance and softness, thus giving an extraordinary taste Amaro.

A centuries-old tradition

The history

A centuries-old tradition

The history

Amaro del Tumusso is the result of tradition and experience. It is inspired by ancient recipes and blends with local wisdom. It is the result of a real sensory journey, made up of scents and flavours, stories and tales of a world that no longer exists. The meeting that marked the beginning of everything took place on any day of any month. However, it was not just any interlocutor. With the desire to compose a special recipe for our amaro in mind, we often walked through the streets of the villages of Vallo di Diano, "interviewing" the elderly folk of the area here and there. The first, and perhaps the only, one to approach us was a man with a white, untamed beard, with good, bright eyes. A tall and thin man, a little hunched, who was immediately intrigued by the questions and chatter that we gladly exchanged with the local people. It was not long before the words flowed from his mouth; he told us about his parents, his grandparents, his ancestors; about a family that had grown up for generations at the gates of the great abbey of Padula.
A poor family that fed their children thanks to the small jobs that the monks allowed them to do on their property. In his voice, there was so much gratitude. When we began to ask more about the crops, spices and wild herbs, he jumped. He still had the colours in his mind and in his nose the scents of those infinite expanses of vegetation, spices and herbs. The spices and herbs, so widely spread throughout the area of the monastery, wished the monks and his family a good morning and good night, constantly emanating sweet fragrances that invaded the rooms and perfumed the fabrics. It was impossible to stop the flow of anecdotes, stories that overlapped with each other. Who knows for how long he had wanted to share his memories. He remembered perfectly the importance of herbs, essences and spices for the monks. He told us about gentian, beneficial but with a strong flavour, and helichrysum, tantalising and spicy. He told us also about the experiments that the monks constantly carried out by chopping and mixing, about the vials and about the joy when those vials finally contained medicinal herbs.
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It was the true wealth of the entire community and constituted the only apparatus for the care and well-being of all. The recipes of those vials were carefully preserved, even those that had not given a positive result. They were all part of a big dusty book. It was no wonder that the monks remained faithful even to the "wrong" recipes, it took months before they had a result and those errors should not be repeated. He still remembered the long rows of vials full of herbs and spices, selected and preserved with care and dedication. The conversation lasted for a long time, to the point that at a certain point we felt free to ask if he had anything, a tangible memory of all these mirabilia. We were not lucky, or rather we were in the middle of it. There was nothing tangible, but his memory, his solid and rich memory. The Amaro del Tumusso was about to come to life and we didn't know it yet. He told us about the studies, the research and the long waits, but also about herbs with an intoxicating scent and ancient recipes that he kept possessively in his memories.
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When we stopped to imagine the perfect recipe, it was clear that we wanted to pay homage to each of them, thanking them for having left us an important legacy and having preserved it from generation to generation. Amaro del Tumusso is born from the stories of an entire community, from the love for the territory and from the stories of ancient times. The recipe is the result of an in-depth study and the combination of several preparations; it is the perfect and balanced union of native herbs, lively and reinforcing. Our amaro preserves the colours, smells and aromas of yesteryear and offers them up in a regenerating sip. In its flavour, it bears ancient recipes and in its name the tradition of an important fair, of a moment of shared joy. Amaro del Tumusso was created to brighten up moments of conviviality, because there is always a good reason to toast and there is always a good reason to get together. This is perhaps the highest ambition of Amaro del Tumusso: to be by your side, always.
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